We inaugurate a new stage

We inaugurate a new stage We inaugurate a new stage

We have made a renovation inside and out with a firm goal on our horizon: to achieve more and better commitment. We begin this new period keeping our essence and, for this reason, we want to stay focused on the main lines of action that, from the beginning, have guided our steps. We believe that childhood and education are the true seeds for social change and we want to help develop a fairer world. To achieve our goals, 

First of all, we continue our aid program to social non-profit organizations with which we have collaborated through various projects. These projects, carried out from the area of Social Action of Fundación MAPFRE, are aimed at meeting the needs of the most vulnerable population in the areas of education, health, nutrition and access to the labor market. We are currently present, with 107 charity projects and more than 105,000 beneficiaries, in 23 countries.

This way, we have launched a comprehensive education program to contribute to the prevention of school failure and dropout in the countries where we carry out the projects. In order to do this, we have developed a special section on our new website in which a professional team will upload teaching materials. Mainly aimed at teachers, the contents will be updated periodically to include three lines of work: teachers, students and families. In addition to this, all students who are part of this initiative and live in Latin America will be able to participate in the third edition of the storytelling contest “The future in our hands”.  With great success in previous years, the contest is launched to encourage reading and creativity in children and young people aged between 6 and 18 years old.

Finally, among this major developments, in September an initiative will be launched with the aim of providing all social institutions the same opportunities to undertake projects with the support of Fundación MAPFRE. The initiative is launched to process through a more effective and transparent way the large number of applications received in recent months. Moreover, we want to give a louder voice to the users of our social networks. Therefore, it will be them who, with their votes, will select the charitable projects that will receive support.

We hope that these developments will help to be more community than ever. Thanks for accompanying us in this new stage!