Camp Adventure of Friends 2016 held by the Daniel Project

Camp Adventure of Friends 2016 held by the Daniel Project Camp Adventure of Friends 2016 held by the Daniel Project play

The Daniel Project Association, which supports young people from 13 to 21 years suffering from cancer and receiving cancer treatment, held for the third consecutive year its camp Adventure of Friends. This is the most important activity organized by the NGO throughout the year, an opportunity full of challenges to learn from, overcome obstacles and share an experience with other young people living similar situations.

In the 2016 edition, 53 young people participated and according to their own words, they lived a “full of hope and overcoming experience”. “Joy, new friends and life” were some of the most repeated words by the young people who enjoyed the three days of camping together.

The Daniel Project Association organizes the camp with the idea of giving young cancer patients a chance to learn, grow, make friends, overcome obstacles and smile despite the disease. The activity is free and has the support and collaboration of Fundación MAPFRE. To be carried out, a logistics according to the needs of participants is planned with medical staff, nurses, medicines and an ambulance.

According to the volunteers who participated in the Adventure of Friends, the experience was proved enriching also for them, since they were given “great lessons of life”. All young people were able to participate in the scheduled activities regardless of their situation and, more importantly, mutual support was given among them and they were able to narrow the ties of friendship.

Testimonies given by young members:

“For me, the camp was an experience full of courage, strength and hope not to lose the will to live”. Nane

“For me, the camp was great because there were a lot of emotions and improvement and, best of all , you get to know people who have gone through the same as you and you do not feel alone”. Joselyn Barquero

“For me, the camp was an adventure full of happiness, where I made new friends and the limitations were left aside. It was a unique and unforgettable experience”. Andrea Mora

“What the camp meant for me: a personal challenge, beating the pain to be able to enjoy myself. There were no patients, only young people wanting to live. It is an activity to be happy and disconnect from reality“. Marisol García