Fundacion Fe y Alegria participates in the X Municipal Social Assistance Conference

Fundacion Fe y Alegria participates in the X Municipal Social Assistance Conference Fundacion Fe y Alegria participates in the X Municipal Social Assistance Conference

Santa Catarina Fundacion Fe y Alegria participated on July 8th in the X Municipal Social Assistance Conference of Palhoça, held in the Parish Hall of the Church of Señor Bom Jesus de Nazare, located in downtown Palhoça-SC.

The goal of the X Conference was to present the proposals raised during the pre-conference where Public Welfare Policies were discussed for the development of a Ten-Year Proposal. The event focused on the theme “Consolidating SUAS (a Unique System of Social Assistance) towards 2026”.

The opening ceremony featured two conferences related to the topic being addressed. The first was given by Rafael Arns, who explained township relevant data. These include the MHDI (Human Development Index of the Metropolitan Regions of Florianópolis-SC), basic sanitation, income per capita and education, the latter being one of the biggest problems in the municipality of Palhoça that interferes per capita income and the poverty-related issues in the area.

The second was offered by the president of CNAS (National Council of Welfare) and a doctorate in social work, Luziele Maria de Soza Tapajos, who in her speech talked about “SUAS- Plan 2021: Strategies and Goals for the Implementation of the National Welfare Policy” and “Commitment and Responsibility to Ensure Social Protection for the Unified System of Assistance (SUAS)“.

In her speech, De Soza Tapajos invited participants to thinkg about “which SUAS we want today” and to evaluate “the SUAS today.”

In this reflection and evaluation, in the perspective of Human Dignity and Justice: a view to ensuring dignity, social justice mechanisms, strategies of political empowerment of citizens, an articulated public policy that protects individuals, families and prevent social risks, among others.

From the perspective of social participation: reflection on the SUAS of the municipality of Palhoça guarantees strengthening popular participation, political autonomy of social control, investment in quality of participation, political empowerment strategies of spaces, among others.

The representatives of Fundacion Fe y Alegria registered as users of the SUAS System, Cila Leal Alecrim and Michele Leal da Silva involved in the Salgadeiro Course at the Community Center, and as a delegate representing NGOs and the municipality of Palhoça at the conference, the official Ana Paula Luna Marques de Melo. The participants took part in the event collaborating actively in the discussion of public policies of social welfare in the municipality.