Sports that promote integration

A day at the Fundación Real Madrid social sports school in Niteroi (Brazil)

A day at the Fundación Real Madrid social sports school in Niteroi (Brazil) A day at the Fundación Real Madrid social sports school in Niteroi (Brazil)

It is well-known that sport is an educational vehicle for transmitting values and channeling people's full and well-rounded development. Participating in sports activities can also bolster health in childhood, improve school performance and help reduce delinquency levels.

Fundación Real Madrid has been working with children at risk of social exclusion for many years in different Latin American countries through their social sports schools. The teaching methodology stresses teamwork, self-esteem, equality, solidarity, healthy habits, motivation and commitment.

At the social sports school in Niteroi (Brazil) more than two hundred children and young people between 9 and 17 years old, from nearby vulnerable neighborhoods (slums), manage to get off the streets and thus avoid falling into the trap of drugs and marginalization. This last April, managers of MAPFRE Brasil, as part of the Easter celebrations, spent a day with the school's children where they took part in various recreational and social and sporting activities and learned about the work the center is doing to combat the violence these children experience and their efforts to enhance social cohesion.

This initiative, which Fundación MAPFRE, Fundación Real Madrid and the Salesian missions all collaborate on, is a comprehensive project in which, in addition to sports activities, the beneficiaries take part in other social and educational activities offered by the Centro Juvenil Salesiano, such as reading and writing workshops, vocational guidance, learning about healthy lifestyle habits, hygiene and nutrition, recreational and cultural activities and initiatives which help build stronger family ties.

Thanks to sport, today children in Niteroi have the chance of a better future.