Professional transport and Road Safety

More hours on the road, higher risk of traffic accidents

More hours on the road, more exposure to risk More hours on the road, more exposure to risk

Every day thousands of buses, trucks and vans travel on our roads. With so many hours at the wheel, the chances of having an accident are very high. This is reflected in the figures, in that of 1,200 people who died in road traffic incidents in 2017, 130 were professional drivers.

The situations of risk for this category of drivers is higher simply because of the very nature of the work they do, including long work-related journeys, rotating shifts, unsatisfactory conditions in which to rest and the need to remain extremely alert. All these situations can lead to potential sleep deprivation. And we cannot forget that tiredness is one of the most common road safety problems in land transport.

In many cases, professional drivers also carry out loading and unloading work, thus increasing the risk of accidents. To avoid this, they should stick to the side of the road nearest to the sidewalk; always obey safety regulations and use trolleys or forklifts to avoid injuries or the spill of cargo onto the floor that third parties might trip over.

Another risk factor is the age of the vehicle and its condition. The average age of trucks and vans in Spain is 12 years. This means that they are probably not equipped with the latest safety systems that have progressively come onto the market. Added to this are the problems caused by wear and tear, especially if the appropriate maintenance is not carried out. It is very important to carry out regular servicing and maintenance as specified by the manufacturer, as well as regular changes of brake pads and tires.

If you are a professional driver, look after your own safety. Avoid situations of risk.

Take care of your life; help us achieve Goal Zero.