Urban areas and Road Safety

New mobility for a new city model

New mobility for a new city model New mobility for a new city model

Cities are being transformed. The approach to urban planning has changed in the search for a more human approach in which city dwellers have a better quality of life.

With regard to mobility, the term sustainable is here to stay. The objective of sustainable mobility is that the general public can get around the city comfortably using more energy efficient and environmentally friendly means. But in order for this vision to be complete, we must introduce the factor of safety. We want to achieve sustainable and safe mobility in cities, with lower pollution rates in city centers and high levels of road safety in which all of the quality methods of transport can coexist without complications.

In the foreseeable future, we will live in cities in which the centers will be practically free of cars and where pedestrians share the public thoroughfares with bicycles and electric motorcycles, motorized scooters and zero-emission shared cars. The means of transport will continue to change, adapting themselves to public demand. This is an unstoppable trend. And it’s advancing very quickly. Public administrations are already working on how to regulate the use of these new types of vehicle to allow pedestrians and other methods of transport to coexist harmoniously and safely.

We need to keep up-to-date and learn the new rules of the game. In this new reality, there must be an end to traffic accident victims.

The objective of safe and sustainable mobility is GOAL ZERO.