Call for grants for social projects

We introduce you to the winning entities from this edition

We introduce you to the winning entities from this edition We introduce you to the winning entities from this edition

The call for grants has been a complete success. The high number of applications we received just goes to show that there are lots of small social entities carrying out extraordinary work to improve the lives of people suffering from illnesses or living in social exclusion.

The winning entities which we will be supporting with these grants in order to boost their opportunities are the following:

  • EDUCO. FUNDACIÓN EDUCACIÓN Y COOPERACIÓN. “Educo Canteen Grants for children at risk of poverty and social exclusion”. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: This aim of this project is to guarantee one full and healthy lunch a day for children at risk of poverty and exclusion whose families have not been able to access government grants and cannot cover the rest of the cost of the canteen.
  • ASOCIACIÓN PÁRKINSON GRAN CANARIA. “Self-help program. Social support”. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: The “Self-help program. Social support” supplements and expands on the opportunities for psycho-social care for people with Parkinson's and their families and carers. The program seeks to train, support psychologically and guide those who have Parkinson's disease and their family members and carers and also to boost their independence.
  • ASOCIACIÓN DE PERSONAS CON SORDOCEGUERA DE CANARIAS (ASOCIDE). “Encouraging the deafblind”. Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Through the development of several social and cultural recreational activities for the deafblind, this association seeks to develop their human, intellectual and social side and help them establish social relationships and gain access to the working world.
  • FUNDACIÓN GRUPO SIFU. “Orchestra for social and labour inclusion”). Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona. Together with the Hospitalet municipal music school and arts center (EMMCA) a unique orchestra is being established with the goal of promoting artistic excellence in young people with disabilities and/or those at risk of social exclusion through activities encouraging the professionalization of music practice.
  • ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA DE LAS MUCOPOLISACARIDOSIS Y SÍNDROMES RELACIONADOS. “Physiotherapy, speech therapy and health improvement for lysosomal diseases” . Barcelona. This project has been designed in order to provide direct daily support to children who are suffering from lysosomal diseases, which are serious and rare degenerative diseases, although over 3500 Spaniards suffer from them. It also supports the family members of these children.
  • BUENA VOLUNTAT EN ACCIÓN. “Welcoming and bringing about the social and labor market inclusion of women at risk of exclusion”. Barcelona. This project works with women, the vast majority of whom are immigrants or have recently arrived in the country. They are often single parent families or those with dependent family members, or are female victims of gender-based violence or women who are finding it difficult to get work.
  • AFA. ASOCIACIÓN DE FAMILIARES DE ENFERMOS DE ALZHEIMER Y OTRAS DEMENCIAS SENILES. “Family respite unit and comprehensive stimulation for people suffering from Alzheimer's”. Albacete. This project is designed to enable both family members and the person suffering from Alzheimer's to have an appropriate setting where they can either rest and/or preserve as much personal independence as possible through comprehensive stimulation: PHYSICAL, COGNITIVE AND SOCIAL STIMULATION.
  • ADVENTURE VOLUNTEER. "A child, a backpack". Valencia. This project seeks to train women how to sew so they can earn a living. They also provide them with resources (basic school materials, including a backpack) so that these women's children can access the education system.
  • FUNDACIÓN AHUCE. “Health Center for patients with osteogenesis imperfecta”. Valencia. Osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease) is a congenital disorder which causes fragile bones. The project includes a psychologist, a social worker and a physiotherapist who deal with the needs of people with OI and which are currently not covered by local public services.
  • ASOCIACIÓN GALBÁN DE FAMILIAS DE NIÑOS Y ADOLESCENTES CON CÁNCER DE ASTURIAS. “Comprehensive Educational Project”. Asturias. This educational project seeks to support and intervene in the learning and educational process of children with cancer and their siblings in order to help mitigate the educational and learning difficulties arising during all stages of the disease and due to missing school.
  • ECOS DO SUR. “Masha”. A Coruña. Masha is an initiative which supports women who have arrived in the country with child dependents and who are living in extreme poverty and are unable to cover their most basic needs, such as administrative fees to obtain documentation, certifying academic diplomas and expenses relating to accommodation: electricity, water, rent.
  • FEDERACIÓN GALLEGA DE ENFERMEDADES RARAS E CRÓNICAS. “Psychological and neuro-psychologial support and speech therapy”. A Coruña. This project offers services to help people living with rare and/or chronic diseases improve their independence and quality of life and help them establish a normal disease behavioral pattern.
  • ALCER. ASOCIACIÓN PARA LA LUCHA CONTRA LAS ENFERMEDADES DEL RIÑÓN. “Transitional Housing Accommodation”. Santander. This project handles the accommodation needs of families and patients receiving treatment at the Marqués de Valdecilla Hospital who come from Cantabria and other regions. They prioritize transplants, kidney patients and other health care attendance orders.
  • ONG COMARCAL AYÚDANOS A AYUDAR. "Helping to feed families living in vulnerable situations in society”. Avila.  Through measures such as helping out with urgent payments and providing food, support and companionship, this project seeks to prevent the chronic poverty and marginalization of so many people in the area of Morañega and to help them begin a process of social integration.
  • ASOCIACIÓN DE FAMILIARES Y AMIGOS DE PERSONAS CON DETERIORO COGNITIVO, ENFERMEDAD DE ALZHEIMER Y OTRAS DEMENCIAS. “Taking care of each other together 2019”. Talavera de la Reina. Toledo. This project attends to the needs of people who have been diagnosed with dementia by means of non-pharmacological therapies such as psycho-stimulation, mobilization, psychomotricity, senior fitness, training in basic and vital daily activities, as well as leisure activities.
  • ASOCIACIÓN CAMINO DE DAÑO CEREBRAL ADQUIRIDO DE VALLADOLID. “Promoting the personal autonomy of children with acquired brain damage". Valladolid. This project seeks to promote the self autonomy of people with acquired brain damage, a disability which affects their family circle as well as their educational, labor and social environment.
  • ASOCIACIÓN PATO AMARILLO. “Play, run and have fun with new shoes”. Orcasitas. Madrid. Wearing second hand shoes causes rubbing and discomfort in the feet of children who are at risk of social exclusion. These badly fitting shoes alter their biomechanics which affects the development of their ankles, knees and hips. This project hopes to provide brand new sneakers to children from 12 months to 10 years old who have never worn new shoes before.
  • ADELA MADRID. “Physiotherapy and functional rehabilitation in the water”. Madrid. Respiratory physiotherapy in people with ALS is crucially important, given that the cause of death (in the majority of cases) is due to respiratory failure as a result of secondary respiratory infections.
  • CONFEDERACIÓN AUTISMO ESPAÑA. “Supporting the employment of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder”. Madrid. This project aims to increase access to employment for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder by encouraging them to develop their talents, searching out opportunities for them and helping companies to hire them, thereby contributing to boosting their social value and commitment to bringing about a fairer and more equitable society.
  • ASOCIACIÓN PARKINSON ARAGÓN. “Speech therapy for people with Parkinson's". Zaragoza. The neurological impairment of people with Parkinson's disease can affect their ability to communicate and swallow properly. Through speech therapy, this project seeks to help improve the difficulties these patients have with swallowing, speaking, and controlling their facial muscles, and is something which is seen as a necessary discipline in treating this disease.
  • ASPANOVAS (ASOCIACIÓN DE PADRES DE NIÑOS ONCOLÓGICOS DE BIZKAIA). “Comprehensive care for children with cancer and their families”. Bilbao and Barakaldo. This project provides comprehensive care for children with cancer and their families and particularly focuses on the social, psychological and educational spheres both within and outside the hospital environment, in order to improve people's quality of life during their cancer treatment.
  • ASOCIACIÓN PARA LA REHABILITACIÓN PERMANENTE DE ENFERMEDADES REUMÁTICAS (ARPER). “Preventing and managing pain and fatigue in people with rheumatic diseases”. Huesca and Zaragoza. The goal of this research is to implement and study the effectiveness of a combined program of physical activity, nutritional support and behavioral skills training in order to control pain and fatigue and help people with rheumatic diseases maintain their independence. 
  • FUNDACIÓN PEQUEÑO DESEO. “Fulfilling a child's wish can be the best medicine for them”. From the Basque Country and Navarra. The project's mission is to make the wishes of children with chronic diseases or a poor prognosis come true, since studies show that fulfilling a child's wishes can generate positive emotions whose effects can last for more than 6 months.
  • ASOCIACIÓN DE PELUQUERÍA INTERNACIONAL ARTE&IMAGEN Y SU ACCIÓN SOCIAL "MECHONES SOLIDARIOS”. “We build smiles together”. Malaga. "Mechones Solidarios" makes wigs for people undergoing chemotherapy or who have alopecia universalis and are going through a very difficult time and need to feel good and to recognize themselves when they look in the mirror. These wigs help to boost their self-esteem and confidence.
  • ASOCIACIÓN CALOR Y CAFÉ DE GRANADA. “Comprehensive care for homeless people and people living in social exclusion”. Granada. This project runs activities to help cover the basic needs of homeless people and families or those living in social exclusion in Granada: covering basic needs, (food, clothes, shoes, hygiene services, laundry, hairdressing...) as well as support and monitoring of cases.
  • ASOCIACIÓN ESPAÑOLA PARA LA INVESTIGACIÓN Y AYUDA AL SÍNDROME DE WOLFRAM. “Personalized social and pyschological care service for patients with Wolfram syndrome and their family members”. Almeria. This project seeks to improve the quality of life of patients with Wolfram syndrome and their family members through an online service helping to make technology and resources accessible to all patients who do not have adequate access to them due to either their physical characteristics or location.
  • FUNDACIÓN ÁNGEL MURIEL. “Oncopal Grants”. Huelva- Their goal is to train experts in oncological and palliative care on how to care for patients in the final stage of their illness and during their last days. They also have a number of specialized professionals volunteering in the palliative care unit of the Huelva hospital complex.
  • ASOCIACIÓN NACIONAL PRINCESA RETT. “Working towards combating Rett syndrome”. Badajoz. In addition to medications, there are also rehabilitation treatments: physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, which are fundamental therapies for children with neurodevelopmental disorders, are so costly that when they are not covered by the national health system it is difficult to gain access to them.
  • SALUD MAÑANA. “Rehabilitation program for children with brain damage, other neurological disorders and developmental disorders”. Alcalá de Guadaira and the los Alcores area. Seville. This program is aimed at providing comprehensive and individualized neurorehabilitation treatment for people with brain damage (both adults and children) and other neurological and developmental disorders.

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