Mucho más que comer

Thanks to more than 2000 euros, children from educational centers will receive new uniforms in 2019.

Mucho más que comer Mucho más que comer

We work together with the NGO Casa Caridad on a project working towards finding enough money to continue helping families at risk of social exclusion with children from 1 to 3 years old who visit their educational centers every day.

Casa Caridad serves 151 children in their three educational centers, distributed throughout Valencia, where they also have breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also provides their families with avaried diet and diapers on a weekly basis; they also offer them pedagogical and educational care provided by social workers. The children also receive this same care in parallel.

Thanks to the donations received and to the Inter-university Olympics, we raised over 2000 euros, which will enable these children to get the uniforms they need in order to attend nursery school.