The future in a pencil case

The future in a pencil case The future in a pencil case

Do you remember the smell of new books? The excitement of getting your schoolbag ready with everything needed for the new school year in September? Regrettably, an estimated 750,000 in Spain will not have the required material to start the school year. We need your help to enable them to store away this memory as well, assisting them to carve out their futures, because they are our future.

How can you start the school year without pencils or ballpoint pens to fill up your pencil case? We all have fond memories of how we felt when leafing through new new books and getting everything prepared for the start of the new school year. Excitement mounts in anticipation of what the school year holds.

Unfortunately, many children will not be able to store away this memory unless we help them. The fact is that one in every three children in Spain is at risk of poverty or social exclusion, a piece of data from the National Statistics Institute that is as terrifying as it is true. Additionally, more than 750,000 children do not have sufficient school material to start the new year of classes.

Through the #SéSolidario program we are launching El futuro en un estuche, an initiative aimed at purchasing school material. As we don't want any child to miss out on this memory we can, with you assistance, provide them with material they need to carve out their future.

Did you know that with a donation of just 5 euros we can buy two exercise books? With a contribution of 10 euros we can get them a case of felt-tip pens and a case of wax crayons. And with your donation of 15 euros a compass and set of rulers and set squares. Every contribution helps as everything goes towards material that will help them start the new school year with all they need. Material that will help them to complete their education.

We want to fill the pencil cases of the highest possible number of children. Because children are our future.

We're counting on you.