You can count on us initiative

Supporting those who provide help

You can count on us initiative You can count on us initiative

At Fundación MAPFRE we want to take direct action alongside associations and institutions that help families most in need by providing them with the basic essentials of life. Join us to help drive these projects forward.

Donate now

Donate now

Thousands of families are in need of basic products such as food or clothing. Through the "You can count on us initiative" we aim to collaborate with the associations and institutions that support the most disadvantaged people by getting them what they need.

It is only through people's donations that we are able to help them. All the donations are turned into staple goods that the Fundación MAPFRE volunteers deliver to the associations and institutions so they can be distributed to those in most need of them.

Mucho más que comer Mucho más que comer

Mucho más que comer

The NGO Casa Caridad needs to rely on sufficient funding to continue helping families at risk of social exclusion that include children aged between one and three years old, who attend their education centers every day, completely free of charge, in order to give them a second chance. 

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Hogares por el Futuro Hogares por el Futuro

Hogares para el Futuro

Homes for the future is a project run by the Mundo Justo Association aimed at providing a decent home for mothers with children up to sixteen years old at risk of social exclusion, those who fall outside the Welfare State network.

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