"Cuenta Con Nosotros" Project

Supporting those who provide help

'Cuenta Con Nosotros' Project 'Cuenta Con Nosotros' Project

Fundación MAPFRE aims to support the associations and institutions that help the families who are most in need. Join us to help move these projects forward.

Donate now

Donate now

Thousands of families are in need of basic products such as food or clothing. Through the "Cuenta Con Nosotros" project we aim to collaborate with the associations and institutions that support the most disadvantaged people by getting them what they need.

It is only through people's donations that we are able to help them. All the donations are turned into staple goods that the Fundación MAPFRE volunteers deliver to the associations and institutions so they can be distributed to those in most need of them.

At present we are collaborating with El Pato Amarillo in Madrid and the centers of San Vicente de Paul in Ourense, Zaragoza, Jerez de la Frontera and San Fernando (Cadiz). With your donations we can buy the basic products they need in their everyday lives and increase the number of associations and institutions we support.

El Pato Amarillo El Pato Amarillo

El Pato Amarillo

In the neighborhood of Orcasitas in Madrid, Pilar Aural, the heart and soul of El Pato Amarillo, has been helping families in dire circumstances survive for years. The organization insists on giving a chance to those who have lost practically everything.

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San Vicente de Paul San Vicente de Paul

San Vicente de Paul

San Vicente de Paul operates across Spain and their work is based on direct, face-to-face care for the most needy people. Their objective is to bridge welfare gaps and uphold social justice.

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