Bringing a smile back to the faces of sick children

The Fundación Pequeño Deseo makes dreams come true

Children with chronic diseases or a terminal prognosis are often in and out of hospital with long days in bed as well as surgeries and considerable pain. The goal of the Fundación Pequeño Deseo is to bring some joy to these children and their family members, friends and even the medical staff that treat them. Being able to make their dreams come true is the best medicine for them.

The Fundación Pequeño Deseo makes dreams come true The Fundación Pequeño Deseo makes dreams come true

Making a wish come true brings positive emotions that have an enormous effect on a child's well-being and the way in which they cope with their illness. The Fundación Pequeño Deseo tries to make the dreams come true of 110 children suffering from chronic diseases or those with a poor outlook who are receiving treatment in any of the hospitals in the Valencian Community, Albacete and Murcia.

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The goal of this Foundation is to make illness and time spent in hospitals more bearable for children with chronic diseases or illnesses with a poor prognosis and to offer moral support to the children and to everyone close to them. In order for the children to feel a bit better during their illness and so they can forget about the difficult time they are having, the Fundación Pequeño Deseo works individually with each child to invite them to think about what their dreams are. In the vast majority of cases, having their wishes come true is the best medicine.

The direct beneficiaries are the 110 children who get to see their wishes come true, but there are also lots of indirect beneficiaries: the family, friends and the medical team who get to see the person they care for smile after suffering so much pain.