'Sé Solidario' Program

'Sé Solidario' Program 'Sé Solidario' Program

Do you know the meaning of solidarity? This was one of the first questions we asked ourselves when we dreamed up this project. Solidarity is about joining in with or giving unconditional support to other people's causes or interests, especially those in compromised or difficult situations.  This is our challenge. If you've ever wondered how you can help, join us.

The intention of the Fundación MAPFRE 'Sé Solidario' program is to support and assist small associations and social entities to carry out their projects, not just with financial aid but through a structured and efficient program that channels their needs and allows us to provide the most appropriate solution in each case to improve their social activity. We want to promote the value of solidarity as one of the most important factors for coexistence in society.

All this is achieved through two well-differentiated social initiatives:

  • Crossroads initiative: through which our intention is to partner directly with projects involved in the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of people affected by rare diseases or disabilities.
  • You can count on us initiative: through which we want to take direct action alongside those associations and institutions that help the most needy by providing them with basic necessities (food, clothing, hygiene products etc.).

In order to strengthen our commitment to social entities, we call each year for Grants for Social Projects for entities that pursue social objectives whose areas of activity are aligned with nutrition, health, education, employment and social inclusion. Stay tuned for upcoming calls.

You can make a one-off donation to our projects or become a solidarity partner by making a regular donation for an amount of your choosing.

And what if you decide to stop being a partner, change your donation, increase it or reduce it? No problem. Simply contact Fundación MAPFRE and we will deal with your call in person.