Exhibitions in 2017

Interwar Italian Art, Hell according to Rodin

Great collaborations, great works of art. We are reinforcing our expository narrative by putting on our own exhibitions of both photographs and paintings while at the same time continuing our collaboration with major institutions such as the MART, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto and the Rodin Museum in Paris. Our in-house research study of Zuloaga's European adventure gives us an insight to the artist from a rare perspective - far removed from his 'Black Spain' - demonstrating how his work combines a deep sense of tradition with a completely modern viewpoint, particularly linked to his years in Paris and to symbolism. The humanity of Nicholas Nixon, Peter Hujar's portrait of the New York underground scene, the reflectiveness of Lewis Baltz, and Albert Renger-Patzsch with The perspective of things provide us with key moments in the history of photography through these maestros.

Hell According to Rodin Hell According to Rodin

Hell According to Rodin

From October 11th, 2017 until January 28, 2018, you have the chance to discover in Barcelona Hell According to Rodin. This exhibition included a hundred sculptures and some thirty drawings, rarely exhibited, as well as several models and models that allow us to follow the creative process of the sculptor and the evolution that the Puerta de Infierno suffered over the years.

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Zuloaga in Belle Époque Paris, 1889-1914 Zuloaga in Belle Époque Paris, 1889-1914

Zuloaga in Belle Époque Paris, 1889-1914

From 28th September to 7th January in our Fundación MAPFRE Hall Recoletos Ignacio Zuloaga in Belle Époque Paris. The exhibition combines a deep sense of tradition with a fully modern outlook, closely linked to Belle Epoque Paris and the symbolist context in which the painter lived during those years.

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Nicholas Nixon Nicholas Nixon

Nicholas Nixon

From 14th September at our Fundación MAPFRE Bárbara de Braganza in Madrid you were able to visit the largest retrospective exhibition to date on the work by Nicholas Nixon, (Detroit, Michigan, 1947), with a selection of over two hundred photographs. The photographs date back to the first cityscapes of the 70’s to the well-known “Brown Sisters” series.

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Albert Renger-Patzsch Albert Renger-Patzsch

Albert Renger-Patzsch. The perspective of things

From 22 June in our Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos exhibition hall you gathered the work of Albert Renger-Patzsch (Würzburg, 1897 - Wamel, 1966) considered to be one of the 20th century's most influential photographers. He was one of the leading representatives of the German New Objectivity, an artistic movement that emerged after the end of World War I, and which in general terms, and as a reaction against the Expressionism that preceded it, strove to represent the world in the most objective way possible. With 185 photographs and documentary material, it is one of the most extensive retrospectives of his work undertaken to date.

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Duane Michals Duane Michals

Duane Michals

Our retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of the US photographer, Duane Michals opened on 31 May until 10 September. The itinerary of the exhibition is distributed in successive stages, that show the different, gradually invented ways of expression of the photographer, along with the varying series made on specific subjects over time. Duane Michals is now 84 and is still creating, taking photographs and inventing techniques that respond to the need to express himself.

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Portraits. Fundación MAPFRE photography collection Portraits. Fundación MAPFRE photography collection

Portraits. Fundación MAPFRE photography collection

From 22 June until 3 September at the Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos exhibition hall, we gathered a selection of over 100 works by different artists, from our photography collection.

The focal point of this exhibition is the portrait of the 20th century, in which different artists from all around the world and historical moments approach the human figure in a variety of ways.

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Lewis Baltz Lewis Baltz

Lewis Baltz

From 9 February you were able to enjoy the work of the American photographer Lewis Baltz. This is the first exhibition of his work in Spain, as well as being the first international retrospective to take place since his death in 2014. Baltz created a new photographic vision of the United States in the second half of the 20th century. Instead of America's natural unspoilt beauty, he revealed the suburbs proliferating on the edges of the cities and depicted the landscape as occupied territory.

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Return to beauty Return to beauty

"Return to beauty". Masterpieces of Italian art from between the wars

From 25 February the Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos Exhibition Hall plays host to Italian art from between the wars. Following the Great War, and holding radical avant-gardism responsible for the historical, moral and cultural disorder, the trend throughout nearly the whole of Europe was towards a “return to order”, going back to the security and serenity offered by classicism.

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Peter Hujar Peter Hujar

Peter Hujar: Speed of Life

From 27 January to 30 April you have the chance to discover Peter Hujar: Speed of Life. The exhibition constitutes the most detailed account to date of the work of American photographer Peter Hujar, featuring over 150 photos that represent his work from the 1950s to the 1980s.

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