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International Social Projects International Social Projects

A society with a future is one that favors the development of the population. Our objective is to promote comprehensive education, mainly of children and young people coming from disadvantaged communities.

At Fundación MAPFRE we regard comprehensive education as one of all those needs which are critical for a person to be able to grow and develop fully. For that reason, we work in collaboration with local organizations on projects supporting nutrition, health, education, access to employment and empowerment of women.

We closed 2018 with the following figures:

  • 76,884 people received nutritional support.
  • 72,831 people obtained medical treatment financed by our health projects.
  • 85,023 children and young people improved their education.
  • 51,176 people benefited from programs for access to employment.
  • 742 women received training for their empowerment.

Yearbook 2018 (6 MB)

On this map you can consult each one of the projects which Fundación MAPFRE carries out in the 24 countries belonging to our program.

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