Comprehensive care for children in situations of critical poverty in Venezuela

The program cares for 1,350 people in Caracas

The program cares for 1,350 people in Caracas The program cares for 1,350 people in Caracas

La Fundación María Luisa Casar, through the Jenaro Aguirre Education Unit and with the collaboration of Fundación MAPFRE, is providing comprehensive care centered on nutrition, education and health, for socially excluded people in the 24 de marzo neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuela.

The project provides a balanced diet for all the students at the school so that they can develop in the best way possible and fulfill their potential, despite the complicated conditions that surround them.

All of the children are provided with a wholesome balanced daily snack and lunch, healthy food that stimulates their growth.

The program benefits 1,350 people, through subsidizing the food served in the school dining room and provides medical care to the students.

This medical care is focused on analyzing the community’s general state of health in order to develop strategies to improve the hygienic and sanitary conditions of the area.

As a complementary activity, children in the classroom are given lessons about nutrition and health, they are provided with pediatric and dental care in the school’s clinic and family members are encouraged to become involved by providing them with nutritional information, so that they can complement the practices taught in school at home.

The Madre María Luisa Casar Foundation was created to guarantee the education, health and nutrition of students who live in conditions of extreme poverty and its objective is to raise and manage funds to expand, maintain and sustain the Jenaro Aguirre Elorriaga Education Unit, the School Dining Room, the Clinic and the communal services in the 24 de marzo neighborhood of Petare.