Good nutrition for balanced development

134 young people benefit from this project

Good nutrition for balanced development Good nutrition for balanced development

The Asociación Damas Salesianas (ADS) is carrying out the “Better nutrition for better intelligence,” project, with the support of Fundación MAPFRE, which aims to guarantee wholesome nourishment for 134 young people at the Mamá Margarita school in the community of La Dolorita.

This initiative pays for the healthy diet of 44 nursery students who are in school from 7:00 to 14:30, and of 90 boys and girls who attend the National Network of Children’s Orchestras Núcleo Julian Blanco in Petare before and after their daily classes. This way, a balanced and ample diet is guaranteed for the mental and physical development of the children.

The Asociación Damas Salesianas also has a follow-up and supervisory role, managing the creation of the menus with the appropriate ingredients and portions for the two groups of students, and creating anthropometric charts to check the nutritional state of each child. ADS also involves the mothers and fathers and guardians, providing them with talks on nutritional training.

ADS is a civil, non-profit, humanist, evangelical organization founded in 1968 in Caracas and consisting of Catholic women. Its efforts are directed to serving those of limited financial resources, especially women, young people and children.