The emotional reward

The power of music to explain what we get out of it

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When we help someone in one of the 27 countries where we operate, it triggers an emotion that makes us feel strong, with the certainty that together we can overcome any obstacle. We get back so much more than we give and that drives us to keep working to make the world a better place.

We want to share that emotional reward, to spread it far and wide, and to achieve this, we have turned our emotion into music, into a song that takes flight, that touches distant places, that enters those private spaces to which neither words nor images alone have access. That is why The Emotional Reward is a song. To reach out to the world.

We know that it is impossible to give back everything we receive, but it is enough for us to let whoever hears this song know that we are here, that each day we continue to be there for those who need us, and that gives meaning to our work.

Everyone at Fundación MAPFRE is committed to supporting vulnerable people in the fields of nutrition, education, health and employment integration. And we will continue to do so with the aim of going even further. Given the choice, we would never take a step backwards.

Together we are building a more humane future.