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  • Three transformative projects have been chosen as the winners in the grand final

    These are the stars of Social Innovation today

    The second edition of our awards has now chosen its winners. Collaboration, technology and innovation have all come together in three important projects. We introduce you to three innovative initiatives which focus on bringing about change, and have combined business growth with social growth.

  • Follow the award ceremony for the second edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation

    All the emotion of the grand final at your fingertips

    The second edition of our Awards for Social Innovation is coming to an end. On 10 October we will find out who the three winning projects are. Follow us on web streaming. Experience the emotion of the grand final with us.

  • Follow us and share the strength of philanthropy

    Together we are stronger

    This Tuesday we want to be a trending topic. We want to tell the whole of Europe about ourselves and to let them know what we do and how important our work is for society.

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Dedication, generosity and superpowers at the service of others Dedication, generosity and superpowers at the service of others

Superhéroes de Barrio

Our protagonists are people who generously give their time to others, who put all their effort into improving the lives of people living around them and who put their superpowers at the service of those who need them most. These are our "Superhéroes de Barrio". Meet them here.

Permanent exhibition Espacio Miró (Madrid) Permanent exhibition Espacio Miró (Madrid)

Enter into Miró's universe

Sixty five works take us to the center of this Catalan artist's magical world. The pure color, the symbolism, the harmony between the constant and the sublime are the keys to delving deeper into the soul of this genius of contemporary art. Come and visit the Espacio Miró. You will enjoy the experience with all of your senses.

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