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  • Are they a great new way of getting around or a danger on the roads? This depends on you. Learn how to use them.

    Electric scooters have landed on our streets

    Personal mobility vehicles (PMV), segways, scooters and hoverboards have arrived and are here to stay. The key to their success, however, will depend on whether they are capable of having a harmonious relationship with other road users. Find out more and help us to make other types of mobility possible.

  • In a snowstorm, there is a golden rule for drivers: if the conditions make it impossible to drive, turn back

    What to do in the event of a snowstorm

    We are now in winter and the meteorologists are already warning of the arrival of snowfall and frost. We know that you are a good driver but do you know what to do under these kinds of weather conditions?

  • Being able to count on your solidarity makes the world we live in a much better place

    Thank you, superheroes!

    We would like to thank all the people who visited our solidarity market, over 1500 of them, for their support and solidarity.

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Find out about our solidarity projects. We help those who are suffering, those who are living in difficult circumstances, those who need us. We would like to introduce our solidarity projects to you; specific actions which improve the lives of so many people in our society.