Third edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation

We reaffirm our commitment to promoting social innovation

A new opportunity to launch transformational projects A new opportunity to launch transformational projects play


The adventure of our Awards for Social Innovation is unstoppable. Since we launched this initiative, the response from the community of social entrepreneurs has been unprecedented and the impact of the finalist projects has been so significant that it has encouraged us to continue moving forward on this path.

During the first two editions we have seen how social entrepreneurship combined with digital technologies can provide simple solutions to real-life problems. The overwhelming interest in our previous calls for applications demonstrates the major interest that social innovation awakens in us and confirms that today's entrepreneurs understand that the economy and the business world can be at the service of society.

With this third edition of the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation we continue to support a committed entrepreneurship in order to boost its impact towards transformation.

The objective of the Fundación MAPFRE Awards for Social Innovation is to facilitate the development of proposals that, by their very nature, address and improve specific aspects of the world in which we live. In this edition, these aspects focus on three categories:

  • Health Improvement and digital technology (e-Health).
  • Innovation in insurance.
  • Sustainable Mobility and road safety.

The three geographical regions which the awards for this third edition are organized into are: Brazil, Latin America (except Brazil) and Europe.

Out of all the semi-finalists 3 per region will be chosen to compete in the grand final. Among the 9 finalists, only 3 will be chosen as the winners, with one per category. The three winning projects will receive a €30,000 euro cash prize to help boost their initiatives.

As well as the funding for the winners, the semi-finalist, finalist and winning projects will receive promotion and exposure. Throughout the competition they will be given publicity to help boost their visibility to potential investors. In addition, in order for the project leaders to successfully demonstrate how their initiatives will have an impact, they will receive online mentoring and expert coaching during the competition process.

Terms and conditions and selection criteria Terms and conditions and selection criteria

Terms and conditions and selection criteria

You can find here all the relevant information to submit your application. We are governed by the principles of transparency, rigor and equal opportunities. We want the best of the best to win, and that the best get to know each other and learn from each other.

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Topics Topics


All of us share in writing the future. Social innovation unites technology with objectives that directly affect people's wellbeing and improves their quality of life. To find out about the areas in which we want to work with you, click here and carry on reading.

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Trends Trends

Trends in Social Innovation

We are connected. Learn from others. We are social beings by nature and the difference lies in our ability to exchange ideas. In this section you will find relevant information to reflect upon, polish your project, discover who else may be working with similar objectives to yours and how that might affect you. Everything is on the move. Keep up to date.

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Finalist Projects Finalist Projects

Finalist Projects

We reinforce our commitment to social innovation and, despite the difficulties, we continue to move forward. We hereby present the nine finalists selected in the three semifinals of Latin America, Brazil and Madrid for the grand final of our awards.

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Awards for Social Innovation semi-finalist projects Awards for Social Innovation semi-finalist projects

Semi-finalist projects

Willingness to change things, certainty that the world and humans are the true engine of the economy, inspiration to generate innovative ideas. With enthusiasm and drive, 26 projects have positioned themselves on the starting line towards the semi-finals. We introduce you to them below.

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