Accompanying children and their families in Huachipa (Peru)

259 children and adolescents benefit from an accompanying program

Accompanying children and their families in Huachipa (Peru) Accompanying children and their families in Huachipa (Peru)

The CESAL association, supported by Fundación MAPFRE seeks to contribute to the comprehensive education of children and adolescents in Huachipa. The communities of Nieveria, Cajamarquilla and Jicamarca are the main beneficiaries of the implementation of the CESAL Centre for Educational Support, home to the most vulnerable population in the area.

The “Accompanying a generation, Huachipa (Peru)” project aims to strengthen the cognitive abilities and social skills of the children from the local schools, who benefit from an accompanying program. In addition, this initiative promotes social skills of parents who have access to parenting workshops, family integration activities and other tools to improve their skills.

CESAL is an association which began its involvement in this area of Peru in 1998. The NGO, has been dedicated to international cooperation since 1988 and is present in 12 Latin American and African countries. Their projects involve education, health, habitability, water and sanitation, productive development, microbusiness, training for employment and the strengthening of civil society.