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Travel freely and independently, but also safely

Driving a motorhome: more than just a means of travel

For many years now, motorhomes have been attracting increasing numbers of enthusiasts, and in recent times this trend has really taken off. Motorhomes offer independence while at the same time making it easy to keep a distance from other travelers. What more could you ask for? We reveal some of the keys to this way of travelling, which has now become a whole philosophy of life.

Tips to make your return from holiday more bearable

Back to routine... how are you doing?

The atypical summer is over and it is time to get back into daily routine. But this year, as well as the famous post-vacation syndrome, we have to add the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus. Here are some recommendations to make the end of your vacation more bearable.

Chosen to compete for the PhotoEspaña Award for the best photography book of the year

Our catalog of the Carlos Pérez Siquier exhibition, among the best

The catalog of the exhibition dedicated to Carlos Pérez Siquier has been selected as one of the best photography books of the year. Carefully edited, its 270 pages cover the social evolution of Spain in recent decades from the peculiar vision of the photographer from Almeria.

At this time of the year, take care to avoid suffering from heat stroke

How to prevent heat stroke

With the high temperatures we’re currently experiencing, you need to take additional precautions to avoid suffering from heat stroke, especially in vehicles. Did you know that with an outside temperature of 39ºC, the inside of a car can reach 70ºC?

This summer enjoy the sun and water with peace of mind and safely

At the beach or the pool, sun cream and masks

The use of masks is mandatory when in open spaces, and beaches and pools are no exception. When near the sand or water, we need to be extra careful. By following these tips you can sunbathe without complications.

A healthy diet doesn't mean you can't enjoy your food!

This summer, enjoy healthy eating with the family

Summer is here and ushers in a season of relaxation and fun. Eating healthily should also be a part of enjoying the summer months. Here we give you a few tips to help optimize your children's health without saying no to the occasional treat!

Tools to overcome a personal crisis

If life puts you to test...

Sometimes life makes it hard for us. The loss of a loved one, a separation, the loss of a job are hard blows which, if we add to them stress or frustration, can plunge us into a personal crisis. We make some recommendations for surviving times of harsh adversity.

A fundamental tool for your personal development

Work on your self esteem

A good tool to get through life with balance is self-esteem. Having low or unstable self-esteem can negatively affect multiple areas of your life, from your personal relationships to your own professional development. Reinforcing self-esteem will help you throughout your life.

Follow our tips to avoid injuries

Look after your back

Very few people are the privileged spared from suffering, at some point, from back pain. This is one of the most common problems of 21st century society, and one of the main causes of sick leave in Spain. Here we tell you how to look after your back.

In the face of this pandemic, we could not remain indifferent

A challenge, a hope

Our DNA drives us to be proactive in improving our society. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic we had to take action and offer our experience and our support to serve society. In the report A challenge, a hope we tell you about the actions we have carried out in 27 countries to which we have allocated 35 million euros.

Relaxation is essential for well-being

Give yourself a break

You know the benefits of relaxation, but no matter how hard you try, you just don't feel calm. Here area some tips to help you relax.

Fundación MAPFRE Annual Volunteer Report 2019

One year growing together

11,300 volunteers. 1,637 activities. More than 126,300 people benefited in 28 countries. These 2019 figures say it all: we have more volunteers each year, and with them, we all grow.

Maximum protection is essential if you are a vulnerable road user

Riding a bicycle during a pandemic

Whether you use your bike as a means of transport or for sport, you must always follow the rules and protect yourself as much as possible. Specially during the deconfinement.

Don't let yourself be influenced by negativity

Before making a decision, take a deep breath

With your emotions on edge, worries and uncertainty are in charge of your thoughts. The idea of changing your life, leaving everything behind, is making your head spin. It's not the best time to make decisions.

In the event of an anxiety attack: breathing and relaxation

Watch out for anxiety symptoms

To a greater or lesser extent worries are part of life and in a situation like the one we are living in, it is normal to be overwhelmed by the circumstances. But when concerns or fear appear without an apparent reason, with a feeling of a non specific danger or threat, it is probably a case of anxiety.

Feeling stress these days is normal, but only to a certain extent...

Pay attention to your feelings

You have been in confinement for three weeks now. You are probably feeling uncertainty, fear, tiredness, boredom, loneliness or some anxiety. These are normal reactions to the situation we are living in, but we must be alert so they do not become a clinical profile of anxiety or stress.

We are all called to take action

35 million to fight the pandemic

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have fully adapted our programs to help society. Most of our activities have been postponed so we can focus all our efforts on a set of urgent actions. The projects are as follows.

How to handle conflict, a pending subject

Families are put to test

Our families are our first "social network". From childhood we learn to relate, share, respect others and also to manage tension within the family nucleus. These days our ability to manage conflict will be put to test. Are we ready?

A new routine is key

We now spend all our time at home. How do we do this?

Human beings are social by nature. We need the fresh air and to move around: to see each other, meet and hug other people. In this current situation, as well as being forced to stay at home, our usual routines are broken. It is essential to create new routines. Dynamics that help us while the isolation lasts so that our mood and our health are affected as little as possible.

To prevent COVID-19, start with water and soap

Learn how to keep viruses and coronavirus at bay

The appearance of COVID-19 in our lives has brought to light, once again, the importance of washing hands correctly to prevent infection and eliminate viruses. In a few simple steps we show you how to do it.

How to act to prevent the spread of a coronavirus

In view of COVID-19, three precautionary measures and a lot of common sense

The declaration of the expansion of the COVID-19 coronavirus as a pandemic has triggered the concern of citizens around the world. But the data on its mortality rate puts its severity into perspective. In view of the expansion of this coronavirus, one must be well informed, adopt the simple precautionary measures (PDF 395 KB) that we propose and to remain calm.

The importance of wearing a seat belt

The submarine effect

We are very aware of the importance of wearing a seat belt whenever we travel in a vehicle, but we do not realize the effects that wearing it inappropriately may have on us. Did you know that if you are wearing a loose or poorly adjusted belt during a collision, you could slide underneath and hit the steering wheel or the ground?This situation is called the submarine effect and in children it can have fatal consequencess.

Help us to promote our work on preventing childhood accidents in the USA play

We need you. Vote for us

Three and a half minutes is not much time to summarize all the work we do in collaboration with the Boston Children’s Hospital to prevent childhood accidents. But we have achieved it. Vote for the video that we have submitted in order to take part in the Boston Center for Corporate Citizenship Film Festival.

Our volunteers are transforming the world play

Being a volunteer changes lives

What motivates Fundación MAPFRE's volunteers? United by the same way of thinking and feeling, they are driven by a desire to improve the world around them and to transform the lives of the most disadvantaged in society. With our work, everyone wins.

In 2020 your healthy new year's resolutions need to be put in practice

New year, new health

If you have made a list of new year's resolutions for 2020 and among them are plans to eat a balanced diet, to take care of yourself inside and out, to distance yourself from toxic people and situations in your life and to do regular exercise, we can help you.

On World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims we remember the families and friends of all those who died in road accidents

Victims who do not show up in the statistics

When we talk about the victims of road accidents we are referring to the people directly involved in the crash. But what about their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, partners and friends? For us, they too are victims and on World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, held on 17 November, we want to pay tribute to them for their strength to keep going as well as to reaffirm our commitment to preventing this from happening to others.

Join European Cardiac Arrest Awareness Day On 16 October play

Saving a life is in your hands. Take action.

It is in your hands to be able to help someone who is suffering cardiac arrest. On European Cardiac Arrest Awareness Day we want to raise awareness about the fact that doing something instead of failing to act can save lives. Find out, learn more and take action.

Games, activities and fun in a day dedicated to prevention

Come along and meet Madrid's Firefighters

The Madrid City Council Fire Department will leave their stations to tell us about their work and to explain what we should do if a fire breaks out and what we can do to help prevent fires. Come to the Plaza de Felipe II on 28 September.

The portraits by Berenice Abbott reveal the interior of people's character play

Portraits of modernity

Slowly, looking inside the subject as well as herself, Berenice Abbott photographed the most avant-garde figures of the time.

The art of prolonging one's gaze play

Richard Learoyd's portraiture

Richard Learoyd invites us to uncover the feelings of the people who inhabit his portraits, to extend our contemplation of his images to work out who they are and what thoughts they are hiding.

Find out about Socially Responsible Investments play

Your decisions can change the world

Our consumer decisions are based on standards that are sustainable and socially responsible for our environment. Why, therefore, do we not apply this same ethical standard to our investments? With SRI you will know where your savings will end up, without it having to affect the rate of return on your investment. You decide. Find out more about SRI.

The diverse loves of Berenice Abbott: photography, literature and New York

Love, liberty and pride

Vanesa Pérez-Sauquillo and Ignacio Vleming will be leading this event entitled The diverse loves of Berenice Abbott: photography, literature and New York which will delve into the world of Berenice Abbott, an indispensable commentator of a time in which diverse ways of loving emerged.

Do you know some of the precautions that must be taken to avoid suffering a heat stroke?

Listen up, children and adults alike, the onset of summer can bring heatstroke with it

Leaving a child in a car in the sun for a few minutes might seem like a normal thing to do, but with high temperatures outside they could run the risk of suffering from heatstroke. With the arrival of summer, activities we normally do such as running outside at the hottest time of day can become extreme sports. Underestimating the risk of suffering from heatstroke can  have fatal consequences. Learn more, protect yourself and protect others.

You can lead a normal life during your pregnancy but you should take certain precautions when driving play

Pregnant women must also wear their seat belt

If you want to drive during your pregnancy, you should always wear your seat belt in the correct way. In order to avoid any surprises, we show you how to wear your seat belt properly. Positioning your seat belt correctly can save lives (your own and that of your child).

On this very special day, we have a proposition for you

International Museum Day

We have opened up the doors to our permanent exhibition dedicated to Miró, so that on International Museum Day you can feast your eyes on the light, the colors and the symbols of our Mallorcan maestro. Come and visit us, step into Miro's world.

The role of women in culture is the inspiration for the 2019 edition. #WomenInCulture

Culture storms social media during Museum Week

In its sixth year, from 13 to 19 May this cultural event is reclaiming the role of women in history, art, culture and science. Each day a different hashtag invites us to promote our most cross-cutting, entertaining and educational museum experiences and to talk about them on social media.

We are sending a message out to the world: don't use your mobile phone while driving.

Take part in Road Safety Week, tweet #SpeakUp

We are counting on you to help us get this important message out to the world: don't use your mobile phone while driving. Take part in our social media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of driving safely. Join #SpeakUp.

Fundación MAPFRE Annual Volunteer Report 2018

A year of creating opportunities

Throughout 2018, our 8,618 volunteers have taken part in 1,621 activities to support those most in need. Thanks to their humanitarian efforts, almost 4,500,000 people in 28 countries have directly or indirectly benefited from our Volunteering Program.

The campaign Share Dreams, Give the Gift of Hope collects stories for children who want to dream

Books to change lives

Thanks to your stories, we are going to be able to bring hope to hundreds of children, helping them to transform their reality and imagine a future.

Berenice Abbott and New York

Berenice Abbott and New York

Through the lens of Berenice Abbott, New York opens its doors wide to reveal to us its most unpredictable side. Learn more about it.

Enter the subversive and poetic world of this great American artist

Anthony Hernandez, an unlikely photographer

“For Antony Hernandez, everything really means everything: a chair made with broken drywall, a fishing place where one might not want to eat the catch, a platinum-colored wig... And everything means everyone: a woman with flowers in her hair, a man with a boxer's broken face, an office worker alone at noon with a book..." Robert Adams.

#SéSolidario (Be Charitable) returns to the radio program Extraordinarios in order to talk about foster care

On the radio promoting foster care

When talking about children, the word fostering takes on a special significance and we have gone on the Extraordinarios program, on M21 Radio again in order to speak about this topic. Because fostering is also a way of showing solidarity.

Its vibrant light enticed major artists, who attempted to capture its essence play

Marseille, always Marseille

Marseille and its light, the old port, the boats, the narrow streets and the vibrant colors. Artists at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century found a source of inspiration in the city, an intense light which they sought to reflect on their canvases.

A new way of looking at ourselves

Introducing you to our new “Our Collections” section

Find out about our new "Our Collections" section. We propose a new way of looking at ourselves and of discovering the paintings, drawings and photographs of some of the most important artists and illustrators of the 20th century.

Immerse yourself in the colors of this shining sea which has served as one of the great inspirations for the creation and development of modern art play

A fascination for the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean offered painters from the turn of the 20th century a space suffused with light and color and a place of artistic freedom which ushered in the creation and development of modern art. Come and discover the radiant light of the Mediterranean and its landscapes.

Visit our Madrid installation to find out about this disease, how to prevent it and how to act play

On World Stroke Day, prevent, learn and act

Perhaps you think this topic has nothing to do with you, but 1 in 6 people will suffer from a stroke at some point in their life. Don't you think it's worth getting more informed? On 26 and 27 October, in the Santo Domingo square in Madrid, you can take the informative route that we have prepared, in order for you to learn about strokes, how to prevent them, and what to do.

Dentistry professionals provide services for free to people without resources

Dental health for social inclusion

Among the needs of families without resources is access to dental health. Thanks to a team of dentists showing solidarity, many people have been able to get their smile back.

Intelligent Safety Assistance could reduce fatalities by 20% in Spain

Technology that saves lives

We analyze the impact of using new vehicle safety systems in the conference entitled "On the path to safety as standard in all vehicles".

Enjoy cooking with your family


Practicooking has arrived: we offer you fun recipes and healthy food tips so that the kitchen can be a place of learning and enjoyment for all the family.

Children in Panama can now learn to ride a bike responsibly play

Our first Bike School

There is a big difference between simply learning to ride a bike and learning how to be cyclists, pedestrians and responsible riders. The first Bike School to open in Panama teaches children how to be safe bike riders.

Shinjuku play

Shomei Tomatsu: Shinjuku

Tomatsu sums up the complexity of the times that Japanese society lived through in the 1960s with just one image. This video transmits to us the tense atmosphere captured by the artist.

Volunteer dentists make their services available to families with no resources

Dental health for all

The second dental care day was held on 29 June to provide dental treatment to children from families with no resources. We thank all of the volunteers for their generosity and commitment.

Immerse yourself in the true Japan with this video play

Tomatsu and the sea of Okinawa

Tomatsu discovered that in spite of the American occupation, Okinawa had maintained the true essence of its age-old culture. With this video about his work The Sea of Aka, Okinawa, we are able to share in the artist's excitement about the colors, tones and intense light of this southern region of Japan.

Fundación MAPFRE 2017 Annual Volunteer Program Report

A year of solidarity

In 2017, our Volunteer Program established itself as a tool for social change. Thanks to our 7,333 volunteers, we carried out 1,200 activities in 26 countries that benefited more than three million people.

Protect yourself from the effects of pollen and other allergens

Spring is here. And with it, allergies

For many people the arrival of spring is pure torture. Coughing, itchy and watery eyes - it's clear that allergies produce these symptoms but do we really know why?

Picasso and Miró

Picasso and Miró

Malta is the chosen setting for an encounter between two of the great masters, Picasso and Miró. The exhibition Picasso and Miró, The Flesh and the Spirit brings together, for the first time, 144 pieces by these two giants of 20th century art.

#SéSolidario, first anniversary play

#SéSolidario, first anniversary

Fundación MAPFRE met with the organizations it collaborates with to celebrate the first anniversary of the #SéSolidario program. During the day we spoke together about the 2017 program and above all got to know about the successes achieved throughout the year.

Zuloaga in Belle Époque Paris play

Zuloaga in Belle Époque Paris

If you have still not been able to visit Paris of the Belle Époque and Zuloaga, you have until 7 January to discover it at our exhibition in the Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos Gallery and to experience this journey for yourself.

Hell According to Rodin play

Hell According to Rodin

Have you still not visited our exhibition in Barcelona? Come and discover how this icon of 19th century art was created.
Until 28 January, at the Fundación MAPFRE Casa Garriga Nogués exhibition hall in Barcelona, you can visit the exhibition dedicated to the work of the sculptor Auguste Rodin, and specifically how The Gates of Hell developed over time.

Nicholas Nixon. Photography, life…The Brown Sisters play

Nicholas Nixon

On 14 September we open the doors to Spain's first major retrospective dedicated to the work of the photographer Nicholas Nixon. More than 200 photographs give us an insight into the life and career of this great North American artist.

Let's share our lives. #EnMisPedales


What can drivers and cyclists do to reduce the number of traffic accident victims? We at Fundación MAPFRE advocate the harmonious coexistence of all road users which is why we are launching a campaign called #EnMisPedales. By following this set of recommendations, all of us together can contribute towards achieving ‘Goal Zero’.

The series of #SéSolidario Working Seminars kicks off with social networks

"Your brand represents your values. Be honest with your community"

Our #SéSolidario program is starting a series of Working Seminars. The first is about the social network environment and its impact on the third sector. These training sessions aim to put the online world within reach of small organizations and to offer them the tools and knowledge to get their message heard.

Thank you for helping the people of Peru

Thank you for helping the people of Peru

The heavy and persistent rainfall across the whole of Peru has left a death toll of 120 people, thousands of victims and a country almost in ruins. Thank you for collaborating with us to improve the emergency situation in Peru.

Become a

Become a "Charitable Partner" and help those who are most in need

We are launching the "Sé Solidario" (Be Charitable) initiative so you can make a regular contribution to implementing the projects of associations and institutions whose goal is to improve the lives of those who are most in need. Your help in breaking down barriers and social inequalities is indispensable.