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Chosen to compete for the PhotoEspaña Award for the best photography book of the year

Our catalog of the Carlos Pérez Siquier exhibition, among the best

The catalog of the exhibition dedicated to Carlos Pérez Siquier has been selected as one of the best photography books of the year. Carefully edited, its 270 pages cover the social evolution of Spain in recent decades from the peculiar vision of the photographer from Almeria.

The portraits by Berenice Abbott reveal the interior of people's character play

Portraits of modernity

Slowly, looking inside the subject as well as herself, Berenice Abbott photographed the most avant-garde figures of the time.

The art of prolonging one's gaze play

Richard Learoyd's portraiture

Richard Learoyd invites us to uncover the feelings of the people who inhabit his portraits, to extend our contemplation of his images to work out who they are and what thoughts they are hiding.

The diverse loves of Berenice Abbott: photography, literature and New York

Love, liberty and pride

Vanesa Pérez-Sauquillo and Ignacio Vleming will be leading this event entitled The diverse loves of Berenice Abbott: photography, literature and New York which will delve into the world of Berenice Abbott, an indispensable commentator of a time in which diverse ways of loving emerged.

On this very special day, we have a proposition for you

International Museum Day

We have opened up the doors to our permanent exhibition dedicated to Miró, so that on International Museum Day you can feast your eyes on the light, the colors and the symbols of our Mallorcan maestro. Come and visit us, step into Miro's world.

The role of women in culture is the inspiration for the 2019 edition. #WomenInCulture

Culture storms social media during Museum Week

In its sixth year, from 13 to 19 May this cultural event is reclaiming the role of women in history, art, culture and science. Each day a different hashtag invites us to promote our most cross-cutting, entertaining and educational museum experiences and to talk about them on social media.

Berenice Abbott and New York

Berenice Abbott and New York

Through the lens of Berenice Abbott, New York opens its doors wide to reveal to us its most unpredictable side. Learn more about it.

Enter the subversive and poetic world of this great American artist

Anthony Hernandez, an unlikely photographer

“For Antony Hernandez, everything really means everything: a chair made with broken drywall, a fishing place where one might not want to eat the catch, a platinum-colored wig... And everything means everyone: a woman with flowers in her hair, a man with a boxer's broken face, an office worker alone at noon with a book..." Robert Adams.

Its vibrant light enticed major artists, who attempted to capture its essence play

Marseille, always Marseille

Marseille and its light, the old port, the boats, the narrow streets and the vibrant colors. Artists at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century found a source of inspiration in the city, an intense light which they sought to reflect on their canvases.

A new way of looking at ourselves

Introducing you to our new “Our Collections” section

Find out about our new "Our Collections" section. We propose a new way of looking at ourselves and of discovering the paintings, drawings and photographs of some of the most important artists and illustrators of the 20th century.

Immerse yourself in the colors of this shining sea which has served as one of the great inspirations for the creation and development of modern art play

A fascination for the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean offered painters from the turn of the 20th century a space suffused with light and color and a place of artistic freedom which ushered in the creation and development of modern art. Come and discover the radiant light of the Mediterranean and its landscapes.

Shinjuku play

Shomei Tomatsu: Shinjuku

Tomatsu sums up the complexity of the times that Japanese society lived through in the 1960s with just one image. This video transmits to us the tense atmosphere captured by the artist.

Immerse yourself in the true Japan with this video play

Tomatsu and the sea of Okinawa

Tomatsu discovered that in spite of the American occupation, Okinawa had maintained the true essence of its age-old culture. With this video about his work The Sea of Aka, Okinawa, we are able to share in the artist's excitement about the colors, tones and intense light of this southern region of Japan.

Picasso and Miró

Picasso and Miró

Malta is the chosen setting for an encounter between two of the great masters, Picasso and Miró. The exhibition Picasso and Miró, The Flesh and the Spirit brings together, for the first time, 144 pieces by these two giants of 20th century art.

Zuloaga in Belle Époque Paris play

Zuloaga in Belle Époque Paris

If you have still not been able to visit Paris of the Belle Époque and Zuloaga, you have until 7 January to discover it at our exhibition in the Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos Gallery and to experience this journey for yourself.

Hell According to Rodin play

Hell According to Rodin

Have you still not visited our exhibition in Barcelona? Come and discover how this icon of 19th century art was created.
Until 28 January, at the Fundación MAPFRE Casa Garriga Nogués exhibition hall in Barcelona, you can visit the exhibition dedicated to the work of the sculptor Auguste Rodin, and specifically how The Gates of Hell developed over time.

Nicholas Nixon. Photography, life…The Brown Sisters play

Nicholas Nixon

On 14 September we open the doors to Spain's first major retrospective dedicated to the work of the photographer Nicholas Nixon. More than 200 photographs give us an insight into the life and career of this great North American artist.