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Find out about Fundación MAPFRE

Find out about Fundación MAPFRE Find out about Fundación MAPFRE


We are all called to take action

35 million to fight the pandemic

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have fully adapted our programs to help society. Most of our activities have been postponed so we can focus all our efforts on a set of urgent actions. The projects are as follows.

Our volunteers are transforming the world play

Being a volunteer changes lives

What motivates Fundación MAPFRE's volunteers? United by the same way of thinking and feeling, they are driven by a desire to improve the world around them and to transform the lives of the most disadvantaged in society. With our work, everyone wins.

The campaign Share Dreams, Give the Gift of Hope collects stories for children who want to dream

Books to change lives

Thanks to your stories, we are going to be able to bring hope to hundreds of children, helping them to transform their reality and imagine a future.

#SéSolidario, first anniversary play

#SéSolidario, first anniversary

Fundación MAPFRE met with the organizations it collaborates with to celebrate the first anniversary of the #SéSolidario program. During the day we spoke together about the 2017 program and above all got to know about the successes achieved throughout the year.

Thank you for helping the people of Peru

Thank you for helping the people of Peru

The heavy and persistent rainfall across the whole of Peru has left a death toll of 120 people, thousands of victims and a country almost in ruins. Thank you for collaborating with us to improve the emergency situation in Peru.

Become a

Become a "Charitable Partner" and help those who are most in need

We are launching the "Sé Solidario" (Be Charitable) initiative so you can make a regular contribution to implementing the projects of associations and institutions whose goal is to improve the lives of those who are most in need. Your help in breaking down barriers and social inequalities is indispensable.