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Road Safety

Travel freely and independently, but also safely

Driving a motorhome: more than just a means of travel

For many years now, motorhomes have been attracting increasing numbers of enthusiasts, and in recent times this trend has really taken off. Motorhomes offer independence while at the same time making it easy to keep a distance from other travelers. What more could you ask for? We reveal some of the keys to this way of travelling, which has now become a whole philosophy of life.

Maximum protection is essential if you are a vulnerable road user

Riding a bicycle during a pandemic

Whether you use your bike as a means of transport or for sport, you must always follow the rules and protect yourself as much as possible. Specially during the deconfinement.

The importance of wearing a seat belt

The submarine effect

We are very aware of the importance of wearing a seat belt whenever we travel in a vehicle, but we do not realize the effects that wearing it inappropriately may have on us. Did you know that if you are wearing a loose or poorly adjusted belt during a collision, you could slide underneath and hit the steering wheel or the ground?This situation is called the submarine effect and in children it can have fatal consequencess.

On World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims we remember the families and friends of all those who died in road accidents

Victims who do not show up in the statistics

When we talk about the victims of road accidents we are referring to the people directly involved in the crash. But what about their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, partners and friends? For us, they too are victims and on World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, held on 17 November, we want to pay tribute to them for their strength to keep going as well as to reaffirm our commitment to preventing this from happening to others.

You can lead a normal life during your pregnancy but you should take certain precautions when driving play

Pregnant women must also wear their seat belt

If you want to drive during your pregnancy, you should always wear your seat belt in the correct way. In order to avoid any surprises, we show you how to wear your seat belt properly. Positioning your seat belt correctly can save lives (your own and that of your child).

We are sending a message out to the world: don't use your mobile phone while driving.

Take part in Road Safety Week, tweet #SpeakUp

We are counting on you to help us get this important message out to the world: don't use your mobile phone while driving. Take part in our social media campaign to raise awareness about the importance of driving safely. Join #SpeakUp.

Intelligent Safety Assistance could reduce fatalities by 20% in Spain

Technology that saves lives

We analyze the impact of using new vehicle safety systems in the conference entitled "On the path to safety as standard in all vehicles".

Children in Panama can now learn to ride a bike responsibly play

Our first Bike School

There is a big difference between simply learning to ride a bike and learning how to be cyclists, pedestrians and responsible riders. The first Bike School to open in Panama teaches children how to be safe bike riders.

Let's share our lives. #EnMisPedales


What can drivers and cyclists do to reduce the number of traffic accident victims? We at Fundación MAPFRE advocate the harmonious coexistence of all road users which is why we are launching a campaign called #EnMisPedales. By following this set of recommendations, all of us together can contribute towards achieving ‘Goal Zero’.