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Find out about Fundación MAPFRE

Find out about Fundación MAPFRE Find out about Fundación MAPFRE

Social Action

In the face of this pandemic, we could not remain indifferent

A challenge, a hope

Our DNA drives us to be proactive in improving our society. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic we had to take action and offer our experience and our support to serve society. In the report A challenge, a hope we tell you about the actions we have carried out in 27 countries to which we have allocated 35 million euros.

Fundación MAPFRE Annual Volunteer Report 2019

One year growing together

11,300 volunteers. 1,637 activities. More than 126,300 people benefited in 28 countries. These 2019 figures say it all: we have more volunteers each year, and with them, we all grow.

Fundación MAPFRE Annual Volunteer Report 2018

A year of creating opportunities

Throughout 2018, our 8,618 volunteers have taken part in 1,621 activities to support those most in need. Thanks to their humanitarian efforts, almost 4,500,000 people in 28 countries have directly or indirectly benefited from our Volunteering Program.

#SéSolidario (Be Charitable) returns to the radio program Extraordinarios in order to talk about foster care

On the radio promoting foster care

When talking about children, the word fostering takes on a special significance and we have gone on the Extraordinarios program, on M21 Radio again in order to speak about this topic. Because fostering is also a way of showing solidarity.

Dentistry professionals provide services for free to people without resources

Dental health for social inclusion

Among the needs of families without resources is access to dental health. Thanks to a team of dentists showing solidarity, many people have been able to get their smile back.

Volunteer dentists make their services available to families with no resources

Dental health for all

The second dental care day was held on 29 June to provide dental treatment to children from families with no resources. We thank all of the volunteers for their generosity and commitment.

Fundación MAPFRE 2017 Annual Volunteer Program Report

A year of solidarity

In 2017, our Volunteer Program established itself as a tool for social change. Thanks to our 7,333 volunteers, we carried out 1,200 activities in 26 countries that benefited more than three million people.