Teaching of values with the kick of a ball

Fundación FC Barcelona is developing this project in Praia Grande and Río de Janeiro

Teaching of values with the kick of a ball Teaching of values with the kick of a ball play

Fundación FC Barcelona, with the support of Fundación MAPFRE, has launched a project focused on education in sound values achievable by playing soccer. “FutbolNet Brasil” aims to involve 2,900 young people in the cities of Praia Grande and Río de Janeiro.

The project seeks to use the powerful appeal of this sport as a tool for teaching the routines, good habits and values associated with the game of soccer. Its aim is that these young people take part in an initiative which will help to bring about their social inclusion, bearing in mind many of them live in precarious situations.

Sessions take place in groups of a maximum of 25 participants. All groups attend two sessions per week, lasting two hours, over a minimum period of six months.

Since 1994, Fundación FC Barcelona has operated from its basis of sound values and experience drawn from the soccer field. The undertaking is a program focused on passing on positive values to children and adolescents, whose happy and healthy growth are encouraged by the playing of sport.