Learning without fear at school in Maranhão

A project to combat bullying and gender inequality

Learning without fear at school in Maranhão Learning without fear at school in Maranhão

This project of the Brazilian International Plan aims to achieve a school environment free of bullying and gender inequality in the State of Maranhão. Fundación MAPFRE supports this initiative which promotes a culture of peace at schools.

The origin of this project originates from the experience of four other schools in the municipal system of São Luís, São José de Ribamar and Paço do Lumiar. In those schools, students, teachers and staff were made aware of and taught how to handle the problem, increasingly present in classrooms. The entity promotes solidarity, commitment to each other, respect and dignity in schools prone to bullying.

Brazilian International Plan has existed since 1937 and is currently present in 69 countries. Its aim is to improve the lives of children and their communities in the long term. More than 1.5 million children worldwide have received help from this NGO.