The fight against childhood malnutrition in Brazil

600 children from the city of Maceió benefit from this project

The fight against childhood malnutrition in Brazil The fight against childhood malnutrition in Brazil

The objective of the Associação de Combate à Desnutrição is to combat and eradicate childhood malnutrition in Maceió, one of the Brazilian cities ranked lowest on the Human Development Index. To achieve this, they count on CREN, the Center for Recuperation and Nutritional Education. This facility constitutes a real neuralgic center for a project in which Fundación MAPFRE actively participates and from which 600 children benefit directly.

The professionals of this center carry out the essential work of identifying and diagnosing those children who present nutritional problems and live in the poorest areas of the city. All start on a course of treatment, administered to the more serious cases on a semi-inpatient basis.

Presently 100 children are in this situation, and as they remain in the center from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. they receive specific attention and thorough monitoring. They have access to five meals a day with a menu designed to cover all the nutritional needs necessary for their growth. This care is complemented with medical, pediatric, dental and psychological support, as well as an intense educational effort, working together with the families.