Contributing to Palhoça’s community development

This Fe y Alegría de Brasil project makes an impact on the lives of 260 people

Contributing to Palhoça’s community development Contributing to Palhoça’s community development
The “Popular community education and family and community development” project is being carried out by Fundação Fé e Alegria do Brasil with the collaboration of Fundación MAPFRE. The beneficiaries of the program are 260 residents of the municipality of Palhoça, in the state of Santa Catarina. The project is directed at local children, young people and adults, and focuses on four areas:
  • Education: In the field of education, workshops are carried out by age group, in which diverse  topics are addressed, such as family relationships and problems linked to adolescence. Oral and written communication skills, as well as music lessons, are taught in these workshops.
  • Health: Activities in this area are focused on the prevention of STDs and teenage pregnancies.
  • Nutrition: This subject is given a more didactic approach, suggesting activities associated with food education and environmental sustainability.
  • Access to employment: Practical courses are taught in different areas such as gastronomy, beauty, tourism, fashion and technology.
The collaboration of  Fundación MAPFRE is designated for  providing the teaching materials needed to teach the  training workshops in each line of action, for  recruiting qualified teachers and for providing food and kitchenware.
The Fundación Fe y Alegría Brasil has been carrying out its work in Brazil since 1981, where it works in 21 municipalities in 16 states. Its projects have benefited nearly 21,000 people.