Improving human development in Brazil

1,060 people receive educational attention

Improving human development in Brazil Improving human development in Brazil

The Fundación Fe y Alegría Brasil has developed the “Grow up to Be — Education, Citizenship and Culture” project with the support of Fundacion MAPFRE.

This program aims to improve the human development index of 1,060 boys, girls and adolescents and to encourage their return to, and permanence in, the school system, and motivate their access to employment.

Work is carried out through workshops on citizenship and social values, radio, computer science, theatre, dance, music, maracatu, karate, capoeira and other sports. Cultural recreation, art, training sessions with the families, nutritional guidance, food, and foster services are also provided.

The basis of the project is the importance of promoting a space in which boys, girls, young people, and adults can learn to develop self-sufficiency, depending on their interests, needs and potential. The aim is to prepare these young people to live in full social harmony, keeping them clear of any form of discrimination, exploitation or violence.

The Fundación Fe y Alegría Brasil has been carrying out its work in Brazil since 1981, where it works in 21 municipalities in 16 states. Its projects have benefited nearly 21,000 people.